Father of Texas Boy Whose Mother Wanted to “Transition” Him to a Girl Wins in Court

“On Thursday, a Texas court ruled in favor of Jeff Younger, the father of James Younger, the seven-year-old whose pediatrician mother was attempting to medically transition her son into a girl. Dallas Judge Mary Brown upheld an October decision that gave both parents conservatorship over their child and denied the mother’s request that the case revert to the October 21 11-1 jury decision that gave her sole managing conservatorship. That decision was later overruled by Judge Kim Cooks, who ruled that conservatorship would be split evenly between both parents. Jeff Younger said Georgulas had been pushing their son to transition after their divorce. He claimed that when his son was three years old, his mother locked him in his bedroom and told him, ‘monsters only eat boys.’ He also said she had forced James to wear dresses.”

“Father of 7-Year-Old,” Daily Wire, Feb. 1, 2020