Evangelical Colleges Destroy Students’ Faith

“I am a Westmont College grad from the early 70s, and, with my husband, a Multnomah University alum as well. I grew up in a church closely associated with Multnomah when its slogan was: ‘If you want Bible, you want Multnomah.’ But no longer. We live near the school and have seen the apostasy firsthand. It breaks our hearts. Westmont was beginning to crack while I was there. Most of the older faculty were still OK but the administration was caving in to vocal students who were very rebellious, especially toward the Christian stance of the school. We sent a daughter to Trinity Western University in Langley British Columbia, in 2000, back when I still believed printed doctrinal statements. She went from respecting the Word of God and loving her parents to becoming a radical socialist activist who excises out of her life anyone who doesn’t support her current values, including us. I don’t know of any of her friends from there who haven’t followed the same path, either becoming indifferent to, or antagonistic toward, biblical Christianity. She goes to a social justice episcopal church. My niece, a pastor’s daughter, went to Texas Christian University, graduating around 2006. She became a Unitarian a few years ago. The daughter of my husband’s boss is an enthusiastic Biola grad. She is also a shaven head goth who spoke at her grandfather’s funeral, calling up his spirit and having a lovely visit with him over a glass of wine! We pray for their salvation. I believe the reason our other children still walk with the Lord is because they eschewed college (and debt) for other kinds of career training. The Lord is blessing them.”

“Christian Colleges Destroyed Children’s Faith,” Lighthouse Trails Research, June 27, 2022

Concluding Note: Biola, originally the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, began in 1908 as a fundamentalist school. The first Dean, W.E. Blackstone, was the author of Jesus Is Coming. The next Dean was R.A. Torrey (1912-1924). Today, Biola has a same-sex attraction club on campus.

(Friday Church News Notes, July 29, 2022, www.wayoflife.org, fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143)