Desantis, Republicans and Rock & Roll

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a political and social conservative, but he is also a good times rock & roller. This is confusion. The rock culture is one of the major things that has given America the Woke culture. The theme of rock & roll has always been, “I’m free to do what I want any old time.” That is rebellion to the Almighty, who says man is not free to do what he wants. The rock & roll philosophy is the fountain for every type of licentiousness and ungodly thinking: adultery, fornication, homosexuality, transsexualism, unisex fashion, radical feminism, gangsterism, serial theft, abortion, the generation gap, disrespect to authority, etc. Rock & roll is the soundtrack for all of these things. Whatever blessing Republicanism is to America today, the seeds of moral destruction reside in its beloved rock & roll. A Southern Baptist led in prayer at Desantis’ inauguration. Southern Baptists tend to be Republican (though that is changing), but the vast majority even of the most conservative Southern Baptists are worldly. Just check out the youth departments. Southern Baptist churches have been worldly since I was a boy in the 1950s. Southern Baptist churches are part of America’s fundamental problem and cannot therefore be its solution. The gradual spread of critical race theory and other heresies among Southern Baptist churches is merely a symptom of a much deeper problem, and that is unregeneracy, lukewarmness, worldliness, and biblical ignorance. The rock and roll culture has done more, probably, than any other one thing to destroy the holy, separated, pilgrim character of Bible-believing churches and to ruin the moral fiber of Old America. I was saved at age 23 out of a lifestyle driven by rock & roll, a lifestyle that nearly destroyed me, as it has destroyed multitudes of young people. See the free eBook What Every Christian Should Know about Rock Music.

(Friday Church News Notes, January 13, 2023,, 866-295-4143)