Democrats Back Abortion without Limitations

“A bill that would overturn hundreds of state abortion restrictions and guarantee the right to abortion ‘without limitations’ was introduced Tuesday by a coalition of Congressional Democrats, who said it was needed with Roe v Wade under attack. The bill, known as the Women’s Health Protection Act, would codify Roe v. Wade and legal abortion in federal law–goals that President Biden set during his 2020 campaign. It has 48 co-sponsors in the Senate and 176 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. All are Democrats. The 224 co-sponsors represent 80 percent of the Democratic coalition, according to Newsweek. The bill says its purpose is to ‘permit health care providers to provide abortion services without limitations or requirements.’ The bill’s legislative findings note that nearly 500 abortion restrictions have passed on the local and state level since 2011. The bill explicitly says it ‘supersedes’ all state laws.”

“Abortion without limitations,” Christian Headlines, June 9, 2021