Creationist Deplatformed by Pastor at Church

“AiG has been ‘deplatformed’ by a church! And what issues do you think caused this ‘deplatforming’? Well, LGBTQ and the age of the earth/universe issues! Here is Dr. Terry Mortenson’s report in his own words: ‘Sunday morning Grace Point Church, Bentonville, AR, on Jan. 17, 2021, I gave a message on the ‘relevance’ of Genesis, similar to what Ken Ham and all our speakers present for a first presentation in a church. I explained that Genesis 1–11 is foundational to the rest of Scripture and showed that the acceptance of millions of years and evolution undermines the Bible’s teaching on sin, marriage, death, the gospel, and morality. With respect to marriage, after quoting Jesus in Matthew 19:4–6, I said that adultery, fornication, pornography, homosexuality, and transgenderism are all wrong because they are contrary to God’s created order and commands. During the last song, the pastor asked me to go backstage to a room. He told me that what I said about the moral issues (especially my brief LGBT comment) was not what he wanted and that I needed to change the message before the second service and essentially replace that marriage section with comments about God’s greatness and design in creation. I found out that the next week in his sermon, the pastor apologized for what I had presented the previous Sunday morning. And all my presentations had also been removed from the church’s website and Facebook page.”

“AiG’s Message Deplatformed,” Answers in Genesis, Apr. 16, 2021