Covid Vaccine Pathetically Ineffective

“It should be obvious to everyone by now that the covid vaccines have underperformed. After a few months, they provide only minimal protection. The Minnesota numbers, and every other state is no doubt the same if the data can be extracted. Currently, 78% of covid cases are in fully vaccinated people, as are 67% of hospitalizations. There aren’t many deaths, but if we go back to the end of February, 70% of ‘covid deaths’ are fully vaccinated people. We have here, as Kevin Roche says, an epidemic of the vaxed. Yet the zombie march of vax mandates continues. Unvaccinated athletes are shunned and disqualified, as though they pose a risk to the vaccinated–which never did make any sense, still less given the current numbers. Four Air Force Academy cadets may not graduate because they have not been vaccinated, a procedure that reduces their risk of getting a serious case of covid–-let alone someone else’s risk!-–to no perceptible extent.”

“Vaccination Blues,” PowerLine, May 18, 2022