Covid – Lockdown vs. Freedom

The U.S. states of California and Florida are case studies in the effects of lockdown on the spread of Covid. California, ruled by a leftist Democratic government, has had one of the most draconian lockdowns among the 50 states. Florida, with a Republican government oriented toward personal liberty, has had one of the least restrictive policies toward Covid. Florida has come out better throughout the Covid situation and continues to do so. “The rate of new COVID-19 cases in California is currently more than twice the rate in Florida, prompting debate about draconian public health measures implemented across the Golden State, like vaccine mandates for small children. California is averaging 16 new cases per 100,000 residents the last week compared to just seven in Florida. California’s full vaccination rate (62%) is higher than places like Florida (60) and Texas (54), where state leaders do not enforce mask policies or support strict mandates. The Golden State has seen a surge of more than 60% in new cases in the last two weeks, compared to a 20% drop in the Sunshine State. Clearly, their progressive edicts failed to quell recent outbreaks” (“Despite Mandates Aplenty, California’s Covid Rate Now Doubles Florida’s,” PJMedia, Nov. 9, 2021).

(Friday Church News Notes, November 19, 2021,,, 866-295-4143)