Correcting Students’ Spelling Mistakes is “Elitist”

“As part of efforts to ‘decolonise’ the curriculum and ensure ‘equity of opportunity’ between all students regardless of their background, professors and lecturers at Hull University have been advised against insisting on good written English in all circumstances. It is one of a number of universities to have adopted ‘inclusive’ marking policies, which cite fairness and equality between students as a reason why lecturers should be prepared to overlook spelling and grammar mistakes. Worcester University also has a policy on how to assess students ‘inclusively’ which asks lecturers to focus marking on ‘how well the student has communicated their understanding’ of the subject rather than on spelling, grammar and punctuation where they are not central to the assessment criteria. The policy says it is ‘fairer’ to concentrate on the quality of students’ ideas and knowledge rather than their spelling and grammar. This was because some students are from ‘diverse backgrounds’ so may be at a ‘disadvantage from the outset.’ The University of the Arts London tells academics to ‘actively accept spelling, grammar or other language mistakes’ as long as they do not ‘significantly impede communication.’”

“Marking down students,” London Telegraph, Apr. 11, 2021

CONCLUSION: Spelling and grammar are designed to improve communication, not hinder it. These schools are not helping their students; they are putting them at a distinct disadvantage. I am glad that I was required to take remedial English grammar in first year Bible college. I had attended mediocre public schools and had not taken education seriously until I was 23 years old. The remedial English grammar course was just what I needed to get up to speed in my communication skills, and I have built on that foundation ever since. Students who aren’t capable of learning proper English should not be in university. I don’t think this stupidity will go very far, because most students who pay for higher education want a real education. But then again, stupid can go pretty far in this present world.

(Friday Church News Notes, May 7, 2021,,, 866-295-4143)