Continent-Wide Rock Layers

“One of the common objections that we face as creationists is when deep-time advocates ask us to prove that there really was a worldwide Flood. The problem is not that there is no evidence, but that deep-time geologists approach the overwhelming evidence with a deep-seated bias that prevents them from seeing the big picture. For example, they will focus on sedimentary rock, maintaining that it took millions of years to be laid down. Low in the Grand Canyon is a sedimentary layer known as the Tapeats Sandstone. This is part of a bigger sequence called the Sauk Megasequence. Equivalent layers cover most of the continental USA. At the base of this sequence, we find boulders and sand beds. These would usually be assumed to be deposited by storms and floods. Yet, we have the same features over the entire continent. Clearly, a continent-wide catastrophe placed these features there. And a catastrophe covering a continent would really have had to be a global catastrophe – the Flood of Genesis 6 through 8. A higher layer in the Grand Canyon is called the Redwall Limestone. Similar limestone deposits are found all over North America with the same fossils in them. Though they may have different names, they appear to be the same sequence. Indeed, the same limestone strata, with the same fossils, can be found over the ocean in England! Deep-time geology does not explain these evidences. But they are consistent with what God told us in the Bible. Author: Paul F. Taylor. Ref: Snelling, A.A. (2008), Transcontinental Rock Layers,”, Aug. 31, 2021