Boy Wins Miss America Regional Competition

A boy claiming to be transgender won the 2022 regional Miss America competition in Derry, New Hampshire. The Miss Greater Derry pageant winner is qualified to enter the Miss New Hampshire contest, which is the state level competition for the national Miss America pageant. Brian (which he pronounces Bree-Ann) Nguyen, who not only is not a “miss” but is also obese, announced on Instagram, “My Social Impact Initiative is #QueensAre Everywhere. This is a media movement that helps the next generation develop self-confidence, realize their potential, and become the leaders of their destiny. I am ecstatic to be the FIRST transgender woman to be a Miss America local titleholder, and I hope to make everyone proud and become the first to walk the Miss America stage.” The Miss America pageants aren’t modest by biblical standards, and we aren’t defending them, but that isn’t the point. The point is that Miss America is for “misses” not “misters.” The trans movement is brazen rebellion to the Creator who made mankind “male and female,” and they need to be told that it won’t turn out well for them if they do not repent and turn to Jesus Christ for miraculous, transformative, undeserved salvation. On a practical level, who in their right mind would choose an obese boy over a bunch of pretty girls in a beauty contest? What did the poor girls think when they so stupidly lost their chance to win a scholarship and progress to the Miss New Hampshire pageant? They should speak out. In 2021, a “transgender” male named Kataluna Enriquez won the Miss Nevada USA pageant. On a better note, in February this year, a federal judge ruled that the Miss United States of America pageant can maintain their rule that contestants “be natural born females.” The operators of this pageant had enough sense to reject a male who tried to enter the contest, and he lost his lawsuit. Everyone needs to speak out against this insanity.

(Friday Church News Notes, November 18, 2022,,, 866-295-4143)