BJU President Partners with Ecumenical Organization

Twice in 2020, BJU President Steve Pettit has endorsed the Christian Learning Centers of Greenville County (CLC), which minister to public school students. At a fundraising event on May 12, Pettit said, “We are fully engaged in helping the CLC. Dr. Bobby Wood one of our vice presidents is now a new member of the board and we are so glad he is there. As a university we are FULLY SUPPORTIVE of the CLC.” Pettit again issued public support for the CLC at a fundraising event on Oct. 22, saying, “BJU has the privilege of partnering with CLC in providing the gospel and biblical training to public high school students.” Machen White warns, “CLC, however, is not what it seems. The CLC leadership and sponsoring churches are made up of everything from conservative evangelicals, to left leaning charismatics, to rank theological liberals. The Chairman of CLC board, Kevin Brady, attends Advent United Methodist Church. Board member, Richard Furman, attends First Presbyterian Church of Greenville. Board member, Gabe Vicks, attends Word of Life. Board member, Todd Hyneman, attends Holland Park Church of Christ. Among sponsoring churches, three United Methodist churches, a liberal Presbyterian church, several charismatic churches, and a half dozen SBC churches are listed on the CLC website. Social justice is often promoted on CLC podcasts. In the CLC doctrinal statement, the gospel is at best supplemented and at worst replaced with social justice” (Musings of a Fundamentalist, Nov. 5, 2020).

(Friday Church News Notes, November 13, 2020,,, 866-295-4143)