Bishop Calls for Same-Sex “Marriage”

“Paul Bayes, the Bishop of Liverpool, has called for a gender-neutral marriage canon to be brought into law. Bishop Paul, 67, said the Church of England should recognize marriage between people of the same sex and allow such ceremonies to take place in church. He made the comments during the keynote speech on Saturday for the network Mosaic Anglicans, a church coalition focused on a range of issues, including race and sexuality. ‘I want to see an end to LGBTQ+ people hiding who they are for fear of being exposed to conversion therapy or to being forbidden to minister in churches. I want to see an end to the inquisition of ordinands about their private lives. I want to see all this before I die,’ he said. He added that same-sex love and the blessing of its expression had become his agenda as bishop.” (See also “Fifty Years of Anglican Liberalism,”

“Bishop of Liverpool,” Christian News, UK, June 29, 2021