Biden Tried to Censor Private Texts

We are thankful to God for America. It has been a bastion of liberty in an oppressive world. It is still the freest nation on earth, though its liberties are fading and under great assault. We want to be informed about what is happening, but we have no intention to fret or to get wrapped in an attempted political solution. Let unbelievers do that. Their only hope is this present world. What we are doing in the face of end-time apostasy and wickedness is simple. We are doing what God has told us to do, which is focus like a laser on Christ’s Great Commission, preaching the life-changing gospel, building good churches and good Christian homes, raising children and youth for Christ, training preachers, and lots and lots of prayer, including prayer for those who are in authority that we might lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. The following is excerpted from “Biden Regime,” PJMedia, Mar. 25, 2023: “The Biden regime has already abundantly established that it has no patience for dissent. The Twitter Files show regime lackeys pressuring Twitter, along with other social media giants, to silence people who dared question, among other things, its COVID-19 narrative–yes, the one that has been shown to have been full of holes all along. But as is so often the case these days, it gets worse. Now it has come to light that the Biden White House actually pressured Meta to censor private WhatsApp texts that dared to express disagreement from the regime’s line. Yes, private texts. It comes from investigative journalist David Zweig, whose Leftist bona fides are impeccable: he has written for The AtlanticNew York magazine, and Wired, among others. Despite this background, Zweig has had the integrity to reveal that the Biden regime is even more obsessed with crushing dissenting voices than we had previously known. Zweig gained access to emails between White House staffers and Meta executives about WhatsApp that underlie this investigative report. The emails were obtained through discovery in Missouri v Biden, a first amendment case brought by two attorneys general, and New Civil Liberties Alliance (a nonprofit public interest law firm) on behalf of private plaintiffs. These emails demonstrate that less than a week after taking power, Biden’s handlers began talks with Meta executives regarding ‘content moderation.’ That was when things took a dark turn. Rob Flaherty, the Biden White House’s Director of Digital Strategy, sent ‘multiple emails’ to Meta top dogs, demanding they ‘tell him what interventions the company had taken on WhatsApp.’ He ‘wanted to know what they were doing to reduce harm on the messaging app.’ On March 22, 2021, this tinhorn authoritarian demanded specific information about how Meta was deep-sixing dissident WhatsApp messages. When ‘a Meta employee responded to Flaherty’s questions, explaining that WhatsApp is for private messaging,’ Flaherty ‘replied that he was very aware and added a smiley face.’ Flaherty was still unhappy, writing Meta honchos, ‘I care mostly about what actions and changes you’re making to ensure you’re not making our country’s vaccine hesitancy problem worse. I still don’t have a good, empirical answer on how effective you’ve been at reducing the spread of vaccine-skeptical content and misinformation to vaccine fence sitters.’ Remember, he was writing this about a private messaging service.”

(Friday Church News Notes, April 7, 2023,,, 866-295-4143)