Welcome Back Parler

“Parler, the upstart social media platform silenced last month by big-tech censorship, said Monday it is resuming operations under new leadership and with new computer servers. Parler moved to a new computer server farm after Amazon Web Services shut off the social media platform on Jan. 11. Parler’s 20 million users can begin using their old app and logins Monday, interim CEO Mark Meckler told Just the News. Meckler also said the platform is using artificial intelligence and human editors to police for illegal speech that violates its service agreement but otherwise is remaining true to its free speech, no censorship roots. Dan Bongino, a prominent Parler user and shareholder, was one of the first to get back online, posting stories Monday morning about businesses fleeing New York and Amazon workers moving toward unionization in Alabama.”

“Welcome back,” Just the News, Feb. 16, 2021