To Eager to Receive Members

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The biblical pattern of a regenerate church membership was rejected by most Baptist churches by the early 20th century, and this is a fundamental reason why the average Baptist church is a spiritually-powerless mixed multitude. The following testimony is typical: “I have not been able to get the article about careful church membership out of my mind. It has concerned me when I consider the churches of which I’ve been a member over the years. When I joined a church as a teen, the leading men of the church inquired closely about my salvation. Since that time as I’ve moved, churches I have joined have taken for granted that a previous church has checked my salvation. I was never asked again. It does seem, especially in these times, silly to assume that another church has done some checking. We see middle-aged or older couples visit our current church. I think their old church finally became too worldly for them in some area (probably music), so they visited us, liked our more conservative music, and were allowed to join. They last for a short time, but then come up against some other Biblical standards, and leave. This is discouraging, but perhaps it is our fault for being too eager to accept worldly Christians from other churches. We recently accepted a nice couple as members, but they have yet to attend Sunday School, Sunday night, or Wed night services. I’m concerned that we may be too eager to accept people, who, if they do stick around, will bring in worldly baggage.”

(Friday Church News Notes, July 24, 2020,,, 866-295-4143)