Republican Rioting

I despise politics. It is dirty, compromising business at best. There is no Godliness Party in America or anywhere else on this corrupt earth (and if there were, it wouldn’t win many elections!). The Republican Party is a moral mess, and both parties spend money like drunken sailors. But when it comes to law and order and freedom of religion and speech, which are very, very big things, the choice between the two parties in America is night and day. Where are the Republican rioters? Where are Republic demonstrators burning down businesses and shooting peaceful protesters and surrounding people to demand that they support Trump or else? Where are the Republican mayors and governors legitimizing riots? Where are the Republican attorneys general and district attorneys who are weak on punishing violent criminals but are filing charges against peaceful citizens for bearing arms in self-defense? Where are the Republican educators who are removing the names of the Founding Fathers from their schools? Where are the Republican governors who are releasing violent criminals back into the population? Where are the Republican mayors and governors who are backing defunding the police? Where are the Republican politicians who are campaigning on destroying Second Amendment rights? Where are Republicans calling for the death of top Democratic party officials? Where is the Republican cancel culture? Where are the Republicans who are oppressing churches?

(Friday Church News Notes, September 4, 2020,,, 866-295-4143)