Life in Communist Cuba

“Members of the student activist group Turning Point USA (TPUSA) traveled to Cuba to find out what a full generation of socialism has done for the once-thriving country. ‘Everything you’ve ever seen about Cuba is a lie,’ TPUSA’s Benny Johnson warned viewers in a video published Monday. The ‘effects of socialism are everywhere,’ as Johnson noted, and Cuba’s citizens are suffering. Cuban citizens, the activists found, are forced to endure hours-long waits for groceries and gas; one option for each food product in grocery stores; no fresh fruit, fresh vegetables or fresh meat; ‘oppressive government surveillance’; streets covered in trash and reeking of filth; broken infrastructure and more. ‘These ideas [communism] have devastating consequences wherever they’re tried and the same would be true in our country [America] just as it was in Cuba,’ Kirk said. ‘It’s never been more important for Americans to see the truth with their owns eyes.’ Johnson said: ‘The effects of socialism are everywhere [in Cuba]–crumbling infrastructure and disgusting living conditions. That is what socialism has brought to Cuba. Maybe the socialists in America should take a short trip, a short 90 mile trip, and come here and say they want this in America,’ Johnson added.”

“Here’s What Life Is Like,” Daily Caller, Feb. 4, 2020