“In recent times, when I have had a bit of a struggle reading online articles, I have been using the ‘Microsoft Natasha Online’ voice for that purpose, and, even with my tech background, have been amazed at the quality of the voice. Brilliant text-to-speech voice.  Right click on the text of any online document, select ‘Read aloud’ from the pop-up window, and choose Natasha from the list of available voices.  Not perfect, but technology at its best–in my opinion–especially for someone with a bit of vision problems. In very recent times, however, things in the technology and AI world have developed exponentially, with the online chatter about an AI [artificial intelligence] program called ChatGPT, which is able to write legible articles on any subject, in response to written questions presented to it, and which has created obvious problems for schools and universities where students can have assignments written by the program.

A short video about ChatGPT:

There is potential for great evil here. Anyone who has any audio recorded on the Internet is now at risk of having any text matched to their voice and presented to the public as them having said it. With the development of fake video technology, which is able to present someone as having said or done something, matched with AI voice cloning and Chat GPT, we live in perilous times indeed, and God’s people need to be discerning about the potential for deception.”

Hughie Seaborn in Australia