Baptist Church Fined $5,000 a Day

North Valley Baptist Church, Santa Clara, California, is being targeted by the city with draconian fines for holding church services, failing to ensure mask wearing and social distancing, and singing. As of September 7, the fines totaled about $60,000 and $5,000 is added for every assembly ($10,000 per Sunday), plus a daily fine of $5,000 even when the church does not meet. The County Counsel is looking for ways to be even more totalitarian. He says, “It appears for the moment that the fines have not stopped them from continuing the gatherings, and we’ll be looking at what other options we might have to take” (“Santa Clara Church,” Mercury News, Aug. 28, 2020). Pastor Trieber says, “We’ve had to this day 224 people pass away; 90 plus were in rest homes. There’s not a pandemic here.” The pastor said on the church’s Facebook account, “We are not closing down this church. I hope you get this message. I know America does not want this to happen in her country and at this church.” Associate Pastor Justin Cooper told the Daily Wire, “It’s really strengthened us as a church, I believe, and we’re very unified right now in this decision to go forward. We believe that what happens here will swing across the country. So that’s why we’re still willing to take our stand here. I believe it’s a religious liberty battle and the future of our country, as far as we know it–as far as church is concerned –is definitely at stake.”

(Friday Church News Notes, September 11, 2020,,, 866-295-4143)